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Dagneau from Maison Charpentier

Maison Charpentier is a family owned group specializing in the Cognac business. Since 1895, five generations have invested step by step in the full supply chain of Cognac.

In 1895, coming from the Vendée region, the Charpentier family took over a vineyard in Brie-sous-Archiac. At that time, all of the Cognac region had been destroyed by the philloxera epidemic.

In 1900, the Bouilleur de cru distillery was started in the heart of the Petite Champagne Cru. In 1920, the master house was built. In 2012, the vineyard grew by 50% and higher volumes became available for new projects. Renovation of the master house was also started.

Today, Maison Charpentier is home to a large fully updated distillery in edition to their vineyard in the heart of the Petite Champagne Cru: Brie-sous-Archiac. Their cellars house Eaux-de-vie and ageing Cognac.




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This Brandy is produced with a process of Double Distillation using Cognac type pot stills.

Dagneau is a French Brandy produced by Maison Charpentier, where their cellar master prepares each blend in Cognac casks to get a smooth and delicate finish.


*The Maison Charpentier Vineyard is located 8 miles from the city of Cognac, but still lies withing the Cognac region.

For Dagneau Brandy, Maison Charpentier uses Colombard-Chenin blanc grapes grown outside of the Cognac region. By using the same double distilling process used for Cognac distillation, the aromas are preserved. Dagneau is then finished in Cognac casks.